Best Monitoring Software for 2015 – We Help You Choose The One That`s Right For You

If  you are looking for a monitoring software for 2015, we will help you sort out which one will be best suitable for you and your needs. There were major changes in the industry last year, and here at want to make sure that you get best possible information regarding monitoring software. Therefor we decided to dig deeper and not only present the best monitoring software for  2015, but also what puts them apart from each other. We will also look at 3 major things Read more [...]

How to Block Incoming Text Messages

If someone is harassing you via SMS, whether it’s through threatening messages or simply just spam, you may be wondering how to block incoming text messages from that number so that it doesn’t happen again. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to block certain messages or numbers for good. We’ll be going over a couple of the best methods you can use below.   Using Software Features A lot of smartphones now come with built-in functionality to block spam numbers from Read more [...]

How to Read My Android Text Messages Online

Whilst most mobile networks do not keep hold of your Android text messages online, there are methods you can use to view your SMS messages on the internet or via your PC. There are more options to view and respond to messages remotely on Android than there are on other mobile operating systems, and we’ve listed some of the best options you can choose below.   How to Read My Android Text Messages Online   Android SMS Desktop Apps There are quite a few apps and websites out there Read more [...]

Monitor GPS Location – Is Your Child Safe?

It’s perfectly normal as a parent to be concerned about where your child may be going when he or she is outside, but sometimes just asking for their whereabouts isn’t enough. Fortunately, it is possible for cell phone spy software to monitor GPS location and information on your child’s smartphone. With GPS location data, you can always keep track of where your child is without any lies or false information.   What Monitoring Software Supports GPS Location?   Surprisingly, Read more [...]

How to Read My iPhone Text Messages Online

Sometimes it can be more convenient to read your SMS messages remotely, whether it’s via your PC or another device connected to the internet. In some cases, it’s not possible to read iPhone text messages online, but there are methods that can be used to achieve this. In this article, we take a look at how reading SMS messages online is possible for iPhone owners.   Network Privacy Because of certain network regulations, it is impossible for your mobile network provider to save or Read more [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Child from Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is an issue with the present day that is surprisingly common. It is becoming increasingly easy for a bully to reach out to your child via the internet or through SMS, and it’s not that easy for your child to comfortably talk about it when they are getting bullied. In this article, we take a look at: 5 Ways to Protect Your Child from Cyber Bullying 1. Be Open to Your Child About Cyber Bullying If you aren’t open and clear about cyber bullying, your child may not understand Read more [...]

How to Monitor Deleted Text Messages on Your Child`s Phone

In the current digital age, you may feel a little outdated. Your child may seem more capable than you are with technology, and this may leave you a little worried about what they may or may not be hiding from you. You may be surprised that it is possible to monitor deleted text messages and other content, so if you want to keep an eye on your child’s online activities you can do it confidently. In this article we explain how spy software can be used to keep track of messages and call Read more [...]

How to Jailbreak iPhone

If you are wondering about how to jailbreak iPhone devices, then read on. We have provided the steps needed to jailbreak your iOS device, regardless of what model it is or what software version it is currently running.   Why Jailbreak? Jailbreaking your iPhone can be a great idea if you are looking to get extra functionality out of your phone, or you want a certain app or set of apps that can’t be accessed from the main iOS app store. Jailbreaking your iPhone will allow you to Read more [...]

Why You Should or Should Not Jailbreak iPhone – Pros and Cons

    In this article, we take a look at why you should or should not jailbreak iPhone devices. We take a look at some of the biggest pros and cons to both sides of jailbreaking, and give details on what exactly jailbreaking changes.   The Pros of Jailbreaking Your iPhone   More Apps One of the biggest reasons why most people jailbreak their device is to gain access to the large library of applications that are not available on the iOS app store. By default, Read more [...]

How to Monitor WhatsApp with Monitoring Software

If you are wondering about how to monitor Whatsapp, keep reading - we will be explaining the methods needed to monitor the instant messaging app. We will also talk about how you can go about keeping an eye on the messages being sent via the app. In most cases, monitoring software can be used to monitor text messages, calls and browsing history, but you may be surprised to hear that there are a few monitoring apps that can monitor instant messaging apps too. Whatsapp can be monitored with Read more [...]

Best Messaging Apps for iPhone 2015

  Using messaging apps has a wide range of benefits for anybody involved. Firstly, it is cheaper or sometimes even free to use messaging apps, and you also have more control over who contacts you. If you are dealing with cyber bullying by text messages, or simply want to get out of the habit of spending too much money on your phone bill, you may want to consider a messaging app. There are now plenty of different applications on the app store that can serve as an alternative to standard Read more [...]