Top 7 Cell Phone Monitoring Reviews 2015

Cell Phone Monitoring Reviews – Which Program Will Work For You 2015?

banner mspywinnerCell phone monitoring software, has a number of benefits to its users. No matter the time or the place, the device or the network, these programs record data smart phones send and receive. The cell phone spy softwares are compatible with iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and other smartphones.

Most cell phone monitoring software offers the same basic features, such as recording text messages and monitoring GPS locations, but there are also differences that make some products more suited to some needs than others. From cost to support to other features, here is a basic breakdown of the most popular systems on the market today…


Rank Product Company Score Support Money Back Guarantee Price for 3 months Description Read Review
best spyware software mSpy -Phone Tech Support -Live Chat -Email Yes, 10 Days fr.$59.99 With both a home and business option mSpy is a great choice. NEW – No Jailbreak required for iPhone. mspyreview
2 flexispy FlexiSpy -Live Chat -Support Tickets -Email Yes, 10 Days $99 + FlexiSpy has an impressive list of features. The product has been around since 2004. spyerareview
3 webwatcher WebWatcher  – Phone Tech Support -Live Chat -Support Tickets Yes $99.95 Yearly WebWatcher offers a good product with a yearly price. NO jailbreaking the iPhone necessary. spyerareview
4 spyera review Spyera  -Phone Support-E-mail Address Yes, 10 days $189 Spyera does have all the features possible a little bit more expensive than the competitors. spyerareview
5 highster mobile review Highster Mobile  -Phone Support -Support Tickets Yes, 30 days $69.99 One Time Fee A software with basic features  and a one time fee. mspyreview
6 mobistealth review Mobistealth  -Phone Support -Support Tickets Yes, 15 days $79.99 Mobistealth is a cell phone monitoring software that does not stick out from the crowd. A solid program that offers three different packages, basic, lite and pro. mobistealth
7 spybubble SpyBubble  -Support Tickets Yes, 60 days $49.95 If you are looking for very basic features then SpyBubble might work for you. mspyreview

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Monitoring Software – Most Features

If you are looking for a monitoring software that offers a lot of different features, then FlexiSpy will be your option. FlexiSpy offers 150+ features, that is a pretty impressive list. To find out more about FlexiSpy and the features read our review.

FlexiSpy Offer 150+ Features – Read the Review Here!


Monitoring Software Benefits to Parents

Parenting is a tough job. A lot of parents struggle with finding a balance between their responsibility to protect their children and afford them privacy. In a digital age where one photo taken in poor taste or one off-color comment can haunt someone for years, most parents lean towards monitoring their children’s online activities.

A way to address the privacy issue is to let kids know their actions are subject to parental monitoring. Kids may try to outwit the cell phone spyware system by deleting sent messages they know their parents would disapprove of or removing their inappropriate emails, but spyware captures all that. Because data remains in a secure online portal even when removed from a device, parents have the opportunity to address these issues.

Our Monitoring Choice for Parents – mSpy


Cell Phone Monitoring Software Benefits to Employer

A number of employers who provide company phones to their employees have turned to cell phone spy software to monitor their activities while on-the-clock. Employers can track employees who are not where they are supposed to be throughout the day. They can also address use of the phone for personal use when it is intended for company use only. Though naysayers may argue this behavior is like that of “big brother”, taking these proactive steps can help save on digital data costs as well as limit workplace liabilities.

Our Cell Phone Monitoring Software Choice for Employers – mSpy


Basic Monitoring Software  – Best Price

If you are looking for a basic cellphone monitoring product to see text messages and track gps location for example and price is important to you then you need to think about how long you need the monitoring software.

If you just want to try it out go with the one month option that mSpy or FlexiSpy offer. If you want a 12 month subscription HighsterMobile or WebWatcher will give you the best deal.

Regardless of individual needs, anyone who needs to monitor digital data can rest assured their activities remain hidden from the person using the target device. Like any type of product, differences between each system exist. Choices are never a bad thing though. Take the time to do a little research to make sure you purchase the best cell phone spy software available for your circumstance.


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  1. Larry says

    I bought Cell Spy Stealth recently. They took my money but I never got the download. They have all sorts of complicated means of getting in touch with them via third party sources and the the refund they promise also seems non existent.

    • Anna Vince says


      Sorry I had never heard of Cell spy stealth, I looked them up and just by looking at the website… well there are better alternatives. Feel free to try one of the above softwares.

  2. Paul says

    Are there any spy software out there that one can install remotely by dialing the phone number of the target phone? I dont want to force my daughter to give me her access passcode for her phone. I have seen ads for this kind of software but I am skeptical. I would like to install the software remotely by simply dialing the phone number.

  3. sean says

    When downloading this software to the target phone is there any way that person can tell it has been downloaded. ( i.e. an icon, etc?) Will it interfere with the target users phone when they use any of their software, apps etc?

    • says

      Is there a specific product you are interested in? Most of them work in stealth mode meaning they are undetectable. Let me know if there is a specific product you are interested in and I will let you know,

  4. John says

    Is there any software that I can use to monitor my daughters Iphone with the 7.1.1 software installed??? I have been running into a lot of walls since that software can not be jail broken.

    I would like to be able to monitor

    Text, Pics, websites, GPS, emails, the usual stuff and if recording phone conversations is possible that would be a huge plus.

    Any suggestions??

  5. koka says

    Anna i am looking at highster and mspy, bought mobile spy a week back and they removed a lotta features from it and its no longer hidden. HIgshter has a feacture to record surronding which mspy does not have, and even the price is far cheaper.
    Also i just dont want to go for highster as its cheap, coz dont want something that does not funtion properly. I need your advice on this please help asap, need to buy it in a day or two

  6. manx says


    :(unfortunately, i have purchased highster mobile and i found that you must download it on the target phone which i can’t access to it
    is there anyway to get my money back cause i can’t get the target phone i wanna to spy on.

    my regards.

  7. Chris says

    Has anyone found spyware that will work on iOS 8…iphone 6? I want one that is live….not one that is backed up and reported the following day like webwatcher.

  8. Silvia says

    Hi Anna Vince

    Will you elaborate on the difference in the cell phone spy software auto forward and Web watchers which i see this as being invisible monitor on this website thanks?

  9. Silvia says

    Other than the cheaper pricing, i mean function and quality use an android version. Thank you. Please if you don’t mine, i would like to ask a few more detail questions. thank you. Will you leave in email listed a contact email so to ask these questions? thank you

  10. Donna says

    What program will let me read and copy the text messages, even deleted ones, from a Rugby II. It is not a smart phone? Thank you very much

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