Find Out Who Is Texting Me

who sends me textsAre you looking for ways to find out ”who is texting me”? It can be pretty annoying to get text messages and have no idea whom those messages are from.

It is usually personal messages and these I can totally understand that you want to find out who those are from. It can be a nice cute message from a secrete admirer or a not so nice message. Either way you want to find out whom the message is from.

It can also be ”commercial” texts and if this is the case there are ways to block those messages. One thing you do NOT want to do is reply to them, sometimes they will ask you to text back ”stop” for example if you do not wish to get more texts from them, all this does is confirm that there is a user a real person in the other end, don`t do it. Read our article – block text messages spam here.

3 Ways to Find Out Whom Is Texting You

Now back to finding out who is texting you there are a few programs to use to find this out.

  1. Whitepages – you can go to whitepages reverse phone to see whom the number belongs to. This revers lookup service is not very good, I typed in my own number and nothing shows up, I have no block on my number but they will still not show my info. It is free so it is worth a try.
  2. Reverse Phone Lookup a better option is to use a reverse phone lookup, they get their information from various data bases and usually have great information to share for a small fee. You can do a free search on the number and the service will tell you if there are additional information or not. These services give you not only a name but also address and other helpful information. We did a review of these services click here reverse phone lookup review.
  3. Call the number – another alternative is to call the number and see who picks up. This may or may not be an option for you depending on what the message say.


I guess it depends on what the message actually says to determine what option you want to use above. Sure thing is that there are ways to do it, there are ways to answer your question, ”find out who is texting me”.

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