Highster Mobile Review 2015

For those who have witnessed a loved one hide a mobile phone, take calls outside or act generally secretive when a message comes in, this Highster Mobile review is a helpful guide along the search for spyware. It functions like most similar programs on the market, recording information on a target device and then delivering it to a secure website. Users also have the option to receive this information via their own mobile devices or access it via email.

There are a lot better options out there, we do not recommend this product, because of all the negative feedback it has gotten. We listen to you, our visitors and too many have had an issue with this product so take a look at one of the other options instead.

Highster Mobile Review 2015

highster_mobileOverall Ranking: 

Free Trial: No

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back

Price: $69.99 one time fee

Website: Highster Mobile



Highster Mobile Benefits

Benefits for Parents – this software will help you sleep better at night. You will know where your teenager is at all times. You will also know if they receive any inappropriate messages so that you can step in and keep your child safe. The world is a scary place and sometimes we need to take specific actions to keep our kids safe. With the unlimited usage you can use one license and use it for all your kids. This can really save you some money if you have more than one child.


Benefits for Employer – with Highster Mobile you can take control of your business even when you are not there. This software will allow you to focus on what`s important and not to keep track of your employees this software will do that for you. One price use it on unlimited phones, this is a cheap way to know if your employees are really working or taking care of private matters on company time.


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Highster Mobile Features

Monitor Calls

The amount of data this program captures is pretty good. Call logs include the time and date of the call as well as its duration. Users can see numbers dialed from the phone as well as those that are received on the device. The name of the contact associated with the call is also provided if that information is stored in the phone.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE – It is also possible to set the software to record phone calls. Like live calls, a user can see the date and time the audio was recorded. Recorded calls are downloadable via the secure web site assigned to the user.

Review Text Messages

Text messages are easily accessed after this program is installed on a target phone. Even when the SMS information is removed from the phone, the contents of the entire message are available to the individual monitoring the device. The user can see the telephone number associated with incoming messages as well as the numbers to which text messages are sent.

Data logs include the date and time messages were sent and received. Records are easily downloadable in pdf, txt, and doc formats. In addition to keeping track of calls and texts, this program also provides user access to GPS locations, pictures, videos and emails.

Features Overview

  • Record all calls
  • View call logs
  • Record all text messages
  • Read emails
  • Secrete microphone activation
  • GPS tracking
  • View pictures and videos
  • WhatsApp Messages


New Features for HighsterMobile

With their latest update HighsterMobile added some good features, they were falling a little behind their competitors but with the new updates they are now keeping up.

  • Track Facebook activities
  • Monitor Instagram
  • Track Skype activity
  • Track Twitter, WeChat and LineChat
  • Stealth Camera – take pictures in stealth mode with the device
  • Uninstall the software remotely

Dashboard Screenshot


Highster Mobile Compatibility

This product is compatible with most all smartphone devices on the market, including the popular iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid and Samsung Galaxy. It can even record information received on an iPad, iPod and other tablets. Click here to view the whole list.


Highster Insallation Process – Easy Access

Because access to the phone targeted for monitoring is required during installation, time is of the essence. This product requires just five minutes (or less) to get the job done.

4 Ways to Install the Program

  1. Over the air  – you type in the links directly in the phones web browser
  2. Scan the QR code with a barcode scanner
  3. Use a USB cable to transfer files from computer to phone
  4. Bluetooth

Users have the option to transfer files from the software downloaded onto a personal computer direct to the phone via USB cable. Individuals can also install the software by typing provided links directly into a web browser on the phone. Installation via bluetooth connection is also an option.


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Highster Mobile Pros / Cons


  • One time fee
  • The software can be used on as many phones as you would like.


  • In comparison with their competitors they still fall behind with the feature list.
  • The product does not offer any alert settings, which comes in handy if you are keeping an eye on your children.
  • The software does not cover much of the social media activities, this has improved though with the latest updates but we are still missing iMessage, Snapchat and other social media.
  • They do not claim the software being undetectable.


Highster Mobile Customer Support

You can reach Highster Mobile via phone 866 611 9506 if you are in the US just add +1 before the number if you are calling from anywhere in the rest of the world. They also have a live chat and ticket system. Live chat has not been available when I have visited the site, just heads up you might want to try that out before purchase if that is important to you.


Highster Mobile Price

At $69.99 a one time fee the program is available for use on multiple devices and there is no limit to the duration of data recorded. The product also includes round-the-clock customer support and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Highster Mobile Final Verdict

The company claims its product is the “most powerful” and “easy to use” on the market. Well that will be up to each user to decide, we can say it is a robust system that should meet the needs of anyone in the mobile spyware market. Our Highster Mobile review gives this product a positive rating, due to the low price and feature improvements.


Overall Ranking: 

Free Trial: No

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back

Price: $69.99 one time fee

Website: Highster Mobile


Have you used Highster Mobile software? We would love to hear what you think!

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  1. unsatisfied says

    Don’t waste your money or your time. It should be called sheister. I was able to install the app on the target phone but when I tried to login to my control panel using the password they sent me ,it would not accept it. Tried to use the support link to try and remedy the problem and the message wouldn’t send. You know how some secure sites ask you to type in what you see in the image? Well there was no image to see so therefore was unable to send. Furthermore, the secret listening feature, in order to use it, during the set up process you have to enter the # of the phone( in this case, my phone) you will use to turn it on so that it knows not to ring or anything when you do it. But because of that you can no longer use your phone to make a regular phone call to the target phone. Gee honey, why don’t you return my calls. Lol. Also, as for being undetectable. It left an icon on the target phones home screen, another on the app page, and was present in the manage applications list as well. Good thing I had time to get rid of it before it was seen. Tried to contact them for a frickin refund and guess what. Message wouldn’t send. Hire a PI instead.

    • Anna Vince says

      Thanks for your feedback, sorry that you didn`t have a good experience with Highster Mobile.
      Please update us on the progress,

    • says

      I purchased HIGHSTER around February, I can read texts, but NOT full and complete text. TEXTS NOT BEING SHOWN NOW FOR 7 DAYS.
      I CANNOT hear conversation, still to this day cannot.
      Contacts, at first yes, but not anymore; however, I can see new contacts when added.
      Location shows, but when in Google, its somewhat accurate.

  2. Marc says


    I also experience a bad situation with Highster Mobile as i paid for the software and not been able to get the proper link to download the software.

    i have been contacting the customer support team and until now i did not get any response from them and i realise that this company is stealing people’s money on the net.

  3. says

    Sorry that you didn`t have a good experience with Highster Mobile, I would contact them and let them know the issues you have had with the product.
    Feel free to take a look at one of the other options that are out there, look at our spyware reviews.

    Thanks for taking the time and commenting

  4. Johan Wells says

    Beware any company like Highster that makes claims that it is invisible and easy to install and access in the beginning then goes thru years of “Oh sorry have you submitted a support ticket” in any following months. The paying consumer is not beta testers for hack kids that produce sham software like this- Their reviews are hyped and made by employees themselves or paid third party companies for positive reviews. This is NOT even close to 3 star software; barley ranks as one.

  5. watchful eye says

    This app is mediocore at best. most days only a few features work some days its absolutely no new info as I watch my wife text and browse the internet to also include calls but nothing then out of the blue I will get a couple messages but 30-50 of the same texts. out of all the features the only reliable one would be the call log I get almost all calls, it only records the first minute or so of less than 20% of incoming calls only. As far as social networks it lists never seen a thing listed. some pictures post but in very low def. Ive had very good luck with open apps and downloaded apps as Ive discovered my wife would download in the morning text via the app and delete the app before I got home seeing she tried to hide still after cheating by having no pass code to her phone so would wipe all contact clean before I came home so the app busted her big time. Id rate it 3-4 out of 10

  6. Roxie says

    I installed the software and the SMS stopped working after day one. The GPS works sometimes and the call recordings are sparatic and sometimes cannot be played. I have placed 2 tickets and haven’t gotten a response. I wouldn’t recommend it. Feels like a waste of money.

    • says

      Thank you very much for your feedback. We truly appreciate ALL feedback good and bad!
      Sorry you have not had a good experience with this software and that they will get back with you within a timely matter.

  7. steven bradford says

    junk scam whatever you wanna call it i downloaded it to target phone it only worked on a few things like text pics calls and contacts then quit sending text after a few days no facebook or emails ever worked took forewver to get a response from highster dumbass email. finally they offered a 50% refund and a new license and new account installed it yesterday and now the same thing is happening again complete rip off just go to mspy and you be better off

  8. TJ says

    SMS messages worked for a day now do not, gps works and the rest… well just plain does not work.

    Tried all fixes (which there are only 2), really dissatisfied. tried customer support, which doesn’t exist?

    hate to write negative reviews, but have no choice here.

    you want something that works… unfortunately you have to pay more.

    • says

      Thank you for your review, we want to hear from you!
      Sorry that you did not have a very good experience with this product, but like you mention that are other ones out there.

  9. Don't waste your money says

    PLEASE!!!!!!! do not waste your money on this program. It promises to do an array of things but falls flat on it’s promises. It tells you that facebook and other social networks can be monitored. What it fails to tell you is that you have to “root” your phone. Not only does this void your phones warranty but it takes a computer genius to root the phone and download and install (don’t believe me, try the instructions customer service sends you).
    So if you don’t root your phone appropriately (on your own), then you will not have access to most of the important applications that could nail a cheating boy/girlfriend or spouse (like facebook, call recording, etc). I was only able to monitor text messages and calls and even then, the highster mobile app would not refresh for days at a time. Frustrating and a complete waste of money and in my case TIME!

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback, sorry you did not have a good experience with this product. Yes for most of these monitoring software to work properly you will have to root your Android or unlock your iPhone, but that should be very clear on their site.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback.

      (We do not support using monitoring software for other reasons than to monitor your children or employee)

    • carlos silva says

      it easy, dude: first, download 4shared @ google play. then, open an account @ 4shared and download towelroot. once towelroot is installed, you can root your phone in 3 minuts without needing a pc – straight from you target mobile phone. once the root is done, hghster is suposed to work full power. also, dont forget to disable “verify apps”, to “able” “sohw passswords” and also “able” “unknown sources”, those three at “safety itens in andoid. after this all, download “hide it pro” @ google play to hide highster folder from mobile screen. Good luck”

  10. Ronald says

    Dont waste your money. Features dont work properly, cant listen to target conversation or record conversation. There is no guide to tell you how to use the application. over all dont waste your money.

  11. d m says

    can someone please tell me how to use the stealth camera…i enter the dates in the from and to boxes but nothing happens!

  12. MysticLdy says

    What people are writing above is correct. Here is some clarity I have received: Call recording and surround sound will no longer work on any phone. I received a note from customer service after several inquiries stating that this feature has been removed because only the government can use the software and…yeah…no you’re not going to receive a refund. The customer service BITES! Their website is not updated. You will receive the very same response from the very same person over and over again (“re-install the software”, “Read the Troubleshooting Guide”, “Are you SURE you’re on the TARGET” phone?) until you want to reach through the computer and throttle someone! Every single feature on this software is sporadic and it’s a hit or miss if you will receive all or accurate information. I have never received any Facebook, Skype or e-mail information. I do NOT recommend except for it does produce enough information where you can (sort of) deduce what’s going on!

  13. Ronseg says

    This sucks! All it did was show me 20 text from a year ago. No I message and nothing else worked. I’m disputing the charges and getting a full refund!

  14. Ingrid Young says

    Very disappointing! Just installed the app last night. The only thing that works is the viewing of text messages, call log (which I can view through my cell phone carrier), browse history and photos that were taken on target phone. I can get all of that info just by going to the target phone and looking at it. I was really looking forward to the social media (Facebook) info and the email feature. Unfortunately, none of them work! My husband has four email accounts set up on his phone and I cant view any of them! Not One!!! Will any of these features ever work or, is this really a rip-off?! I submitted two tickets, all to no avail! After purchasing this software, I find myself mad, sad, disappointed and BROKE! Thanks Highster! You’re all the help I need!

  15. says

    Don’t waste your money. Only a few of the apps actually work- sms (text), call log, pictures, contacts, on rare occasion GPS. That was actually ok bc that was all I needed. The problem is those apps work sporadically as well. The text may work for a day or two Ana then goes out- as do the others. Works only about 25-30% of the time. What’s the point if it doesn’t work ALL the time or at least the majority of the time? Very disappointed.

  16. Paul says

    I would strongly advise against buying this software as it neither works, does not provide the functionality advertised, requires the phone to be jail broken (which is not made clear when purchasing) and provides no customer service. More specifically:-
    a) Software worked for a couple of hours when installed and then stopped working. Nothing has been recorded. Customer service response was to email a screen shot showing an empty dashboard and claimed it was working. This can only be considered a deliberate attempt to deceive.
    b) Features advertised on their website do not exist, e.g. Imessages from iphones are not trapped. Recording of voice does not work. These are advertised on the web site. Any refund request based on the fact that Highster have not delivered the software as advertised are simply ignored. Again, clearly an attempt to deliberately deceive.
    c) There is very limited documentation on the web site for iPhones. SIte claims they support iPhone IOS 8, but clearly they don’t. Any request for basic information is ignored.
    d) Customer services either ignore refund requests or provide false, spurious responses. There can be little doubt that the company is deliberately misleading customers and is not not going to refund or support their product if any problem arises.

  17. Marishka S says

    DON’T BUY THE SOFTWARE FROM Highster Mobile!!!!!
    I bought this software because THEY promised “There is no time limit on the software. The software is good for as long as you are using it on a compatible phone or other device.” After I installed the app on the target phone the app didn’t work corectly. The app didn’t show any new SMS at all. I tried to reinstall …..no luck. The target person reset his phone to the factory setting. All MONTH I’ve emailed to Technical Support and the company wants me to buy another license.
    What, REALLY????
    They replied “After factory reset you will lose the key”. There’s a limitation of the application which provides only one key. If you want a new license you’ll have to purchase a new one”
    Why did THEY have that info on they website?
    I already bought the software and now I cannot use it because the license key in invalid.
    You NEVER will have your $ 70.00 back.
    Don’t waste your money or your time.

  18. noname says

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    This app looks good on paper, but:
    biggest problem is, that if you factory reset target phone, you lost your key. Period. (In my case it was one month and unit was defective and sent to repair) On android software based phone problems are “normal” thing, factory reset can be only one way out and if you send your phone to service, because of some defect, service always do factory reset as first thing. Even if you get back your phone with the same IMEI, its impossible to install Highster again. Highster support can tell you only one thing-buy another key. If you read their terms, there is no word about factory reseting.
    Second problem: target device must be rooted for full support all Highster functions.
    Third problem: installed Highster is “visible” on the phone as icon and in services as “device”. If your children isnt dumb as fuck, probably will find it and bingo-absolute rights for everything are suspicious….

    And final problem: Highster app send all information from target phone to web site, where you can read it. Keep in mind, if you install this, target phone is opened for Highster software developer and MAYBE, again MAYBE, it send more information to them, but this is pure speculation-phone with Highster isnt SAFE!

    Some minor problem is, that in my case, not all sms, not all calls and not all whatsapps was transfered to the website. I think 30-40% messages was not displayed. Photos was transfered 100%.

    I recommend-DONT BUY IT, look for another….

  19. celma says

    having the same problems customer services keep asking the same thing over and over no contacts visible, not all texts or calls. picturs not working and this feels like a scam

  20. KayeViray says

    I’ve used this app for a week now and it is not even worth 5 dollars!
    I’ve been trying to get support to get the social media features activated and i haven’t gotten any response, i’d keep using it if the basic features offered were actually working.

    – I’ve rooted the android phone, installed the app and it still doesn’t update social media!
    – stealth camera, It didn’t work, i tried multiple times! how can you call it stealth if you send text message commands to target phone so the user sees it
    – The text messages do not update to the most recent,
    – No social media updating!
    – doesn’t update media quick enough!
    – if the camera has multiple folders, it’ll only update the camera folder and none of the others stored in the photo gallery
    – Their customer service hotlines are useless, minimal at best. In terms of product knowledge, they’re there to basically respond in a scripted manner and they’ll just keep suggesting to go to purchase the tech support option.
    – Tickets take to long to resolve. Anything dealing about purchasing the product will get replied to in a timely manner, with everything else, NO. not even close.
    Its been 3 days since they replied to my tickets regarding technical support. HIRE MORE TECH SUPPORT

    more money for a crap app that doesn’t work perfectly out of the box, so they can suck more money out of you by having you frustrated with the lackluster poor excuse of customer service so you end up having the purchase premium tech support just to get some answers quickly.
    There are so much features that this program offers and it doesn’t even deliver half of them. The creators and the people at highster mobile should be ashamed, its like they have no idea what the minimum requirements of their users are.
    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! i will make sure no one else ever does

  21. Luca says

    The whatsapp log does not work and some sms command send true sms instead to activate the hidden services.
    Also with sms setting in off, in dashboard appears the sms. Same thing with viber and other logs.
    The customer service said that their software works and they will not refund

  22. Ak says

    Wasted too much money on this app
    I bought , downloaded and installed
    Yet unable to access Whatsapp and Facebook chat.

    I m getting only sms and call logs.

    Now they are saying it needs to be rooted
    Now how am I supposed to do that?
    When it’s already installed and us in stealth mode!
    How do I even open it to change setting

    Btw no support!

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