How Can I See My Husband`s Text Messages

who is my husband textingAre you wondering – how can I see my husband`s text messages? You are not alone a lot of women ask the same question. What makes you want to read the texts? Are you seeing a behavior change in your husband? Is he all of a sudden very protective of his phone when this was never an issue before?

Maybe you have a gut feeling that he is not telling you the truth, that he is up to something he should not be and reading his text messages would probably give you the truth…

First I want to say that situations like these are tough, it is heartbreaking when your husband is hiding stuff from you. When the man you walked down the aisle with is not being honest with you.

I am sure that reading his text messages will probably fill you in on the truth, what is really going on. We all use text messages as one a regular basis as a main communication tool so if there is any communication going on you can get access to it.

Here Are 3 Ways to See Your Husband`s Texts


1. Get a Glimps of the Phone


The classic way of trying to get a glimps when he is on his phone using it, is one way to go but not always the easiest. If he has something to hide he will probably be very protective of his phone.

Try it out if it is not working there are other ways to see the messages…


2. Install an App – Update for kids and employees only

You can install a phone app on the targeted phone, that will record valuable information for you. This is how it works:


  1. You install the app on the phone, the app works in stealth mode.
  2. You access the information from you online account.


So what kind of information can you see and access through this method? You can see all the text messages send and received  You can see pictures send and received  You can access the call log. You can see the GPS location of the phone…

You can even see the deleted texts. Yes, even though the texts get deleted you can still access them through your online account.

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3. Ask Him

This might be so easy it might work… if he is not hiding anything. Ask him what he is up to ask him to read the text messages. If he has nothing to hide then he might not have a problem with this at all. It might have been a misunderstanding and your suspicious mind might have a perfectly fine explanation.

Now if he is not willing to share the texts with you well then that tells you something too.

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