How to Read Deleted Text Messages

retrieve text messagesAre you frustrated, do you want to learn how to read deleted text messages? Did you happen to get a very important message but deleted it on accident? Did your phone crash and now you are freaking out cause you can`t access your messages? Maybe you lost your phone and would like the messages and other data back?

There can be many reasons to why you would want to read deleted text messages. Another reason could be that someone you love is getting texts that they delete and you would like to access them? If this is the case, if you want to read deleted text messages on someone else`s phone click here.

Do You Want to Recover Texts from an iPhone?

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Your question is probably is it possible to retrieve and read your deleted text messages?

Yes, it is possible. A lot of people believe that it is impossible if the files are stored on the internal memory but that does not have to be the case. If you are not the most techie person it can be a little tricky but it sure is possible. So how do we retrieve and read the deleted messages? Now this first method is if you still have access to your phone.

How to Read Deleted Text Messages

How to Recover and Read Deleted Text Messages

  1. Connect your phone to your computer. This can be done using the USB cable that came with the phone or to insert the SD card in to the SD card reader on your computer.
  2. You want to find a freeware data recovery software online. One that works well is Recuva but there are other good ones out there like File Recovery and Smart Recovery. Download the software to the desktop of your computer.
  3. Click on the icon to launch the files of the recovery program.
  4. Choose your phone, its internal storage or memory card from the files of the recovery program’s menu. You will now see a list of files that was deleted from your phone`s storage, your erased texts should be included in the files.
  5. Click the text message files that you want to retrieve and click on them. Click “Restore” and the text messages should be restored on your phone`s storage drive.
  6. Disconnect the phone and you are good to go.

If you don`t have access to your phone and if it is an iphone you can still access the data on your phone, click here to find out how.

By using a data recover software you can retrieve lost data and put it back on your phone. There is hope if you lost messages that were important to you.

So what can you do to avoid this in the future?

Backup – get a good backup software for your phone and backup those files ones in a while. Especially if you have important data that you do not want to lose.

Protective case – get a protective case that will keep your phone safe from outside damage.

Think twice before deleting any files – I know that is not always possible but if you have done it ones deleted messages by accident I am sure you will be more careful in the future.

I hope this article will help you bring back your lost messages and read deleted text messages on your phone.

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