How to Read SMS from Another Phone

read sms from another phone
Yes, You Can Read SMS From Another Phone

Do you need to know the best way to read sms from another phone? If you need temporary access to text messages due to a misplaced, damaged, or phone left at home, online services are often the best bet.

When a more permanent need is at hand – like monitoring messages sent to another party -then spyware is most likely the best solution. Read on to learn more about each option.

How to Read SMS from Another Phone

Quick Access

If you need access to your own messages, it is best to visit a website designed to send and receive sms from a computer to a phone. Start by visiting the website of a mobile service provider as these companies often provide these services to their customers.

By inputting the recipient and the sender’s phone numbers, along with the sender’s email and text of the message itself, these websites can send messages just like a regular text. These services act as a message hub by accepting responses, which are forwarded to the provided email address, as well.

What Not to Do

When the need to monitor text messages is of a more clandestine nature, there are a few things to avoid. Let’s get the bad news out of the way and talk about those first. SIM readers that copy, you guessed it, SIM cards, can transfer the brains of the phone to another.  However, this method is highly illegal.

Another method to steer clear of is uploading “firmware.” These programs give a phone the functional capabilities of a radio. The user can then intercept messages sent along the same radio waves. Obviously, this requires a good deal of technical expertise, which is a good thing because the use of these programs can land one in jail.

Keep it Legal – For Kids and Employees

Spyware programs give users the power to read text messages and view other data received on a targeted device. Unlike some of the first apps to hit the market – which forwarded text messages received on one phone on to another phone without the knowledge of the intended recipient – spyware programs are perfectly legal when used on phones owned by you.

Individuals are authorized to install these software programs for use on any device they own. Because a majority of users interested in spyware own the phones they wish to monitor – like parents who wish to monitor their children and employers who issue employees company-owned phones – this solution is often the best bet.

To use a spyware program, users simply install the information onto a device they wish to monitor.  Afterwards, all information sent and received on the phone is delivered to an online portal.

Whenever it is convenient, the person charged with monitoring the communications logs in to their secure website to view the data. Even when text messages are deleted on the phone, they remain available online. That sounds like a pretty good way to answer the question of how to read sms from another phone.

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