How to Read Your Husband`s Text Messages

read sms onlineAre you looking for ways to read your husband`s text messages? Do you feel like he is up to something? Do you feel like he is hiding things from you?

There can be many reasons to why you would want to read his texts. What you need to know is that there are ways to do it and we will talk about that in this article.

What you are going through right now is hard, the feeling of your husband hiding the truth from you that aching gut feeling… I am sorry, but there are ways to find out what`s going on. But first I got a question for you.

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3 Ways To Read Your Husband`s Text Messages

1. Ask him – if you feel that your husband is hiding something tell him how you feel and ask to read his messages. Your husband will either be understanding or he will get defensive.

If he has nothing to hide he will probably understand your concern if you put it in a nice way. If he get defensive and upset and maybe even angry letting you know that there is noway that he will let you read his messages… well your gut instinct that he is upto something might be right…

2. Check the online account or billing statements – check the records the online account or the phone bill to see the date, time and number that the text messages were sent.

This will not show you the actual text message sent but a phone number can be a good way to find out who he is texting. If you do have a phone number there are ways to find out whom that belongs to. Click here to read – who is my husband texting.

3. Install an app on his phone – there are apps for smart phones that you can install that will allow you to read text messages online. It will give you access to the actual message, pictures, it tracks GPS locations, it monitors social media like Facebook and lots more. There are many apps to chose from and we review them for you so that you can find the one that suit your needs the best.

Update – monitoring software use for kids and employees only.

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Why Would You Want to Read Your Husband`s Texts?

If your other half is very secretive about his phone, will not leave it laying on the table for example or when he receives a text he walks away to answer it. He might take the phone with him in the bathroom when he showers, he might even hide it or keep it close when he goes to bed.

The number one reason people want to read someone else`s text messages is because they feel that their spouse or child is hiding something from them. The first approach is to talk to your husband about it. Tell him that you feel like he is hiding something. Maybe there is a perfectly fine explanation to his “odd” behavior.

If there is not a good explanation ask him to read his messages, let him know that it would make you feel better. If he`s got nothing to hide why would he not let you read them right.

Are You Ready for the Truth?

Another thing to ask yourself is if you happen to read his text messages are you ready for the truth? Only you know why you are suspicious and wanting to read the messages, if it is worst case scenario are you prepared for it? We all deserve the truth but sometimes it hurts.

The truth can also take you the other direction, you find out that nothing was going on and that he has been honest with you the whole time.


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Why Would You Want To Read Your Husband`s Texts?

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Is It Right to Read Your Husband`s Text Messages?

That brings us to the ethical part of this, is it right to read your husband`s text messages? Even if he let you read the messages is it intruding his personal space? You must notify users that they are being monitored. We would love to hear what you have to say about this, please leave a comment below.

Hope that answered your question on how to read your husband`s text messages.

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