How to Read Your Wife`s Text Messages

read wifes smsAre you trying to figure out how to read your wife`s text messages? Has she been protective of her phone lately? When she gets a text message does she smile and walk away leaving you with a gut feeling that she is up to something? Does she turn the phone off when taking a shower or going to bed with a security code that she is not willing to share with you? 

First I want to say that what you are going through right now, the feeling of her hiding something from you, is hard to deal with, but there are ways to read text messages on another phone.

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How to Read Your Wife`s Text Messages

Ways to Read Text Messages on Another Phone

  1. Ask her – if you have not confronted her and asked her if you can read her text messages do so. You will get one of two answers, a perfectly fine explanation  that will make sence or she will give you an answer that will make you want to investigate this further.
  2. Check online account or billing statements – if you are on the same plan check the bills for phone numbers that you do not recognize. If you find a number that you want to know more about that is easy to do…  read about phone number lookup here.
  3. Install an app on the phone –  there are apps you can install on a cell phone that will allow you to read all messages, word by word, see all pictures, view GPS location for the phone and all urls visited. There are many good apps to chose from and we review the top apps for you on this site! You must notify users that they are being monitored.

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Update – monitoring software is for kids and employees only

What Phone Carrier Is She With

Are you on the same phone plan as your wife? If you are then you can check the bill or online statement for phone numbers. When you have a phone number you can easily find out who that number belongs to. I know that does not help you to read the text messages word by word but you can find out whom she is communicating with. Check out our Phone Lookup Review.

Verizon – if you are on a Verizon plan you can read messages that are sent through the Verizon network. The messages are only archived for a short time and you do have to set up an online account.  I have not heard of T-mobile, Sprint or any other carrier offering this same service.

How to Read Your Wife`s Text Messages – What Phone Is She Using

What phone is your wife using when she is sending and receiving her text messages?  Now you might wonder why this is important? If she use a Smart phone like an iphone, android or blackberry, there are several apps that can be used to read, send and receive text messages online. MySMS is one of the apps that will allow this service. You can tell her about this service help her set it up and there you go…

Why Do You Want to Read Your Wife`s Messages?

You might want to ask yourself why you want to read your wife`s text messages. Do you have a trust issue in the relationship, is she up to no good or is there something else going on in the relationship. Talking to your wife and trying to solve any problems you might have is always the best solution.

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  1. Harold Green says

    My girl has a separate phone and we do not share an account.Most apps that I have investigated requires you to install an app on her phone that would allow me access to her texts.Is there a way that I can get around this procedure?

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