How to View Someone`s Text Messages

view someones text messagesIs there a way to view someone`s text messages you might ask yourself? There are actually a few different ways to do view texts and we will be talking about those different options here in this article.

There are many different reasons to why you would want to view not your own but someone else`s texts. It could be that you want to check in on your kids texts to make sure that they are safe and ok.

It could be that you see a change in your spouse, that he or she is all of a sudden watching the cell phone like a hawk when in the past they did not care much about it. Or it might be your inner voice telling you that a loved one is up to something they should not be.

What ever reason you have to wanting to view the text messages there are ways to get it done.


Paper Statements

If the two of you have joint cell phone accounts then you can order a paper statement to see the call and text logs. Some phone operators will provide the latest text messages but not all of them you have to check with your phone operator to see if you can get access to those texts word by word.

View Text Messages Online

Some of the phone operators will allow you to sign up for an online account and receive your statements that way. With some operators you will be able to see the actual texts here. They don`t store them for very long only a few days so you need to be on top of things to view the recent texts.

Phone App to View Texts Online

There are phone apps out there for pretty much everything and they have one for reading text messages online as well. You install the phone app on the phone then you can view the texts from your online account. This will show you the word by word text messages, it will also show pictures that are send and received from the phone.

It even tracks call log and GPS location of the phone. If this is something you might consider then read our review of these cell phone apps.

View Deleted Text Messages

What if the person deletes the texts are they gone in to cyber space for ever then or is there a way to still be able to read and view those texts?

Well, if you have installed an app like the one I mentioned above than you have nothing to worry about it reads even deleted messages.

Another way to view deleted messages is to use a SIM card reader but that also mean that you need access to the SIM card.

There are ways to view someone`s text messages, now it is up to you if you want to go down that road.

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