Android Parental Control App 101: The Best Apps Available

If you are looking for a good Android parental control app, you have come to the right place - in this article, we are taking a look at the current available apps in the Google Play store and sharing information on our favorites. Whilst there are many different parental control apps out there, there are only a few that really offer full security for all mobile functionality, so we’ve tried to focus on software that includes the whole security and control package, instead of apps that simply offer Read more [...]

Monitor Kids iPhone Activity With these Great Apps

If you are concerned your children are doing something they shouldn’t with their smartphone or tablet, you may want to consider installing an app that can monitor kids iPhone activity and then send the data straight to you. There are many great parental security apps out there, and in this article we take a look at 3 options for use on an iPhone.   PhoneSheriff If you have a young child that you would like to protect from the dangers of the internet, PhoneSheriff will be able to help Read more [...]

mSpy Review

This mSpy review details one of the most talked-about data monitoring software products on the market today. This product positions itself as a solution for parents who wish to monitor their children’s smartphone use. It also tailors its application to business owners (with their business solution) who wish to keep track of what employees are accessing with company-owned phones. Review updated October 2014. mSpy Review 2014 Overall Ranking:  Website: mSpy Money Back Guarantee: Yes, Read more [...]

5 Best Smartphones for Kids 2014

In this best smartphones for kids 2014 guide, we take a look at the best choices available that can provide your children with apps, games, texting and web browsing whilst giving you features for safety and control over what content they are viewing. Whilst there are many monitoring apps that can help provide extra safety to children, there are also many smartphones that can equipped with parental control features, and we have taken that into consideration whilst picking out the best smartphone choices Read more [...]

Behind the Hype Around iPhone 6 – Is it Worth Buying?

Every year, Apple releases a new iPhone device, and it is met with unprecedented hype, but behind the hype around iPhone 6 or any other iOS device, there is usually a handset or tablet that isn’t really all that much different from the model released before it. In this article, we take a look at why you may want to pick up the iPhone 6, and why you might not. 2 Different Models The iPhone 6 comes in two models; the 4.7 inch standard device, and the 5.5 inch Plus device - for a long time Read more [...]

How to Lock Down My Child`s Phone

Smartphones today gives kids a large amount of freedom, but the latest software allows parents to take back control.  Now, with the right software, parents can quickly lock the device and application before handing it back to their child.  On iPhones, you can find this feature under Guided Access and Restrictions. This feature is ideal for handing your device to your child temporarily as well as locking down apps that you do not want your child to access.  When you lock down your device, you Read more [...]

How to Block Apps on Somebody else`s Phone

It is important to learn how to block apps on somebody else’s phone to help keep them safe.  As adults, we like to give our children as much freedom as possible.  This helps to encourage them to become more independent and how to start making decisions on their own as well as facing consequences for their actions. However, we also know there are many dangers that could leave a negative impact, such as the many obstacles they will come across on the vast World Wide Web.   The real danger Read more [...]

Spy on BBM – Use The Right Monitoring Software

If you need to spy on BBM, blackberry messages, the best way to do so is by putting software on the device to monitor activities.   The software will allow you to spy, watch and monitor chats. Some software gives you detailed information on the exact time and date each chat took place.  All of the monitoring can be made from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.  A parent could observe their child as well as a company can supervise their employees.  Company issued phones should Read more [...]

Stealth Genie Review 2014

If you are considering purchasing a software program to monitor smartphone activities, then this review is a must read. Whether you are a parent who wishes to monitor children’s activities or an employer who needs to keep tabs on employees, this product can meet your needs and then some. Read on to learn more about why StealthGenie is the software program everyone is talking about. "StealthGenie`s websites is currently disabled due to a legal case, take a look at mSpy instead"   Review Read more [...]

NetNanny for iOS – Read This Before You Decide If It Is For You

The NetNanny for iOS devices is a decent parental software on the market that provides good results.  Parents often wonder what’s my child viewing on their ipod Touch, iPhone or iPad, but they do not have a way to get the answer. Do you know if your child is looking at inappropriate materials on the web?  If you can’t answer that question, then NetNanny for iOS might be the right product for you.  You should be aware of that are other proudcts that migh fill your needs. NetNanny will help Read more [...]