How to Read Text Messages Online

how to read texts online

Online services are being offered by some phone service providers, but you don’t have to worry if your provider doesn’t offer this feature. You can always try some online tools and programs to read your messages online as well as your target’s texts if this is the case.

In this article we will be talking about:

  • Read Your Own Texts Online
  • Read Someone Else`s Text Messages Online
  • How to Read Deleted Text Messages Online
  • Phone Operators to Read Texts Online

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Read Your Own Texts Online

Reading messages online is a great alternative in times when you have left your phone at home, lost it or damaged it.

Your important messages will never go unread even when your phone is not functioning. During your work day you might have access to your computer but not your phone, what better way to access your important messages than online.

There are a few different apps that you can use depending on what kind of phone you use. An app that works with most phones are MySms.

MySMS makes it easy to send and receive texts on any device your computer, notebook or tablet. It is compatible with Androids, iPhones and other smartphones.


Read Someone Else`s Text Messages Online

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Are you worried that a loved one is up to no good? Is your husband or wife been acting differently lately and are being very protective of their phone? Maybe your child is hiding information from you leaving you believe that he is not telling the truth. There are ways to read text messages on another phone.

One way is to use a monitoring software to read your targets messages online. Tracking and monitoring applications have been introduced to cater for this growing need.

Mostly, these applications will work best on smartphones, Android, iPhones and Windows mobile. This is not always the case so if you are not using a smartphone no worries but double check so that the app/software that you want to use is compatible with the phone.

For instance, installing a cell phone spy app can help you read messages via your computer. Both sent and received text messages will be tracked from your target’s phone and reflected on your computer screen.

The good thing with monitoring application is that, you can also view deleted text messages. Therefore, if you are trying to monitor your kids or spouse this will give you the best results. Every sent or received message, even though deleted, can be seen on your online account.

This enables you to access and review the text anytime you go online by logging in to your user account. However, these applications will always require you to subscribe to a monthly fee which is nothing in terms of costs compared to the services they offer.

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How to Read Deleted Text Messages Online

Did you lose a text message and now you want it back? Depending on what kind of phone you are using there are software that can help you recover them and get them back. If you are a smartphone user then the chances of getting your lost messages back are really good. Read our articles depending on what phone your using:

How Does It Really Work? Phone Operators

Well, how does these programs or service providers help you read texts online.  The most known mobile provider that provides this service is Verizon. All their clients’ messages go through their cellular network; therefore you can check yours by logging in to their website.

However, you have to sign up to get a logging password and username. As simple as that, you go to the menu and click the text messaging icon. Then proceed to the check status and read all the messages you have sent for the last few days. Verizon gives you five day history to review your texts. However if you compare Verizon to a software like MobileSpy, the later give you messages as far back as you want.

What about the other operators? Do you want to know if you can read messages online with AT&T, Sprint or T mobile? Check out the below articles:

So weather you want to read your own messages online, deleted text messages or a loved ones there are ways to do it. Try various ways on how to read text messages online today.

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    Any other option to do this without physical access to the phone

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  • Manish Kanojia says:


    I just want to trace SMS & call logs of my gf no. without intimating her. we have fight few days back so i couldn’t call her for paring of software installation. what will be the cost & how to purchase it, please revert ASAP

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    i want supported phones list and details

    January 13, 2014 at 2:54 pm
    • Anna Vince says:

      These programs work with pretty much all smartphones. They do work with smartphones in China.
      Please check the specific program you are interested in what phone models they work with.
      I will be happy to help you out if you comment with the program you are interested in,

      January 16, 2014 at 7:31 pm
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