Read Deleted Text Messages on Someone Else`s Phone

read deleted text messages on someone elses phoneAre you wanting to read deleted text messages on someone else`s phone? It might be your husband or wife`s phone, your boyfriend or girlfriend`s phone or your daughter or son`s phone.

You must have a feeling that the person that you love are up to someting that you do not agree with. Is the person being protective and secretive around the phone? Does she walk away to answer and respond to her text messages? Does he turn the phone of or even hide the phone before bed time? You have seen some behavior some signs that are making you worried that the person is hiding something from you. You have also noticed that the person is deleting text messages of the phone, why?

Why Would the Text Messages Be Deleted?

Well there is either a perfectly fine explanation, he just want to save space on his phone or some messages got deleted by mistake, nothing to worry about. Or texts are getting deleted because she does not want you to see the messages that she send and recieve.

Is There a Way to Read Deleted Texts?

If you have access to the phone there are ways to retrieve the deleted texts and get them back on the phone. This might not be the best solution in your case though, getting the deleted messages back on the phone.

If the person is an iPhone user you can get backups from iTunes if they regularly sync their phone with iTunes. The backup include the text messages. This means though that you need access to the computer where the sync has been done.

Is There a Better Solution to Read Deleted Messages on Another Phone?

There is a software like mSpythat you can install on the phone that will read all text messages the actual messages even though it gets deleted. This software can not retrieve messages you have to have it installed on the phone to see the messages in your online account. When it is installed it will record not only the deleted messages but also, phone calls made and recieved, GPS location, websites visited from your phone and much more. You can get an indept review of the top 6 software right here:

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Update – monitoring software is for kids and employees only

What About Privacy?

The best solution is of course to talk to the person your love. Tell them that you are concerned, that you are worried about them hiding things from you. Ask them why they would delete the messages and if they would share them with you next time. There might be a perfectly fine explanation.

If this is concerning your child, if they still live at home and if you pay for the phone, let them know that you are worried about them and that you will be recording what`s going on. If they are involved in activities that are no good for them this can save them and really help them in the long run.


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