Read Text Messages Online Tmobile

Do you want to read text messages online, Tmobile users have a few options to do so. Tmobile will not let you read your texts online through your account with them, but no worries there are other applications or software out there that can help you.

Get the Phone Numbers Through Tmobile

What you can get through your Tmobile online account is the numbers that text your phone or the numbers that you send text messages to. So incoming and outgoing phone numbers for texts but not the actual message.

This feature will be under the usage tab in your tmobile online account. When you have a phone number you can easily find out who`s number that is by using a Phone Reverse Lookup.

Apps to Read Text Messages Online

There are applications that you can use if you are a smart phone user, there are two that we prefer MySMS and MightyText. Both of these will allow you to send and receive text messages online, they also support MMS and other great features. This is great if you want to monitor and view your own texts.

If you want to read someone else`s texts online or if you want a tool that can do a little bit more for you then there is a nifty software that you install on the phone then you access all the data from your online account. This is what this software will allow you to do:

  • View text messages word by word
  • View call logs
  • View pictures send and received
  • View GPS location of the phone
  • View URLs visited

Read the full review of this software here!

Check Text Message Usage with Tmobile

You can also check your current text message usage at all times. This is what you need to do from your phone:

  1. Use your Tmobile phone and dial #674# (#MSG#).
  2. Press send.
  3. You will then be able to view your current usage, the date and time of the last recorded message activity.

This can also be done through your online account. It will be under manage and account usage.

How to Send Text Messages Online with Tmobile

What you can do within your Tmobile online account is send text messages. The messages can only be sent to Tmobile users and can only be upto 129 characters long. This is how it works:

  • Log in to your Tmobile online account
  • Under the Mobile Life tab select ”email and text tools”
  • Select ”send text message”
  • Fill out the text form and send your message

So there are both tmobile options and other apps for your phone to be able to read text messages online, Tmobile users!




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