Read Text Messages Online with Android Phone

Is it possible to read text messages online with Android phone? It sure is. With the developments and enhancements in technology these days, you can almost conclude everything is possible. To be specific, smartphones are among the devices that have swept everybody like a strong wave. Almost everybody owns one. 

However, if you compare the various smartphone available in the market, their features are not similar. If you would love to read text messages online, then Android phones are better off compared to others.

Android phone has an ability to receive and send texts via the computer as long as you are connected to the internet. Other phone developers may restrict this feature for safety reasons but Android leaves everything to you; to make the right choice. There are various compatible apps that enable android to work best in fulfilling this feature.

Read Text Messages Online with Android Phone

3 Common Apps for Android Messaging

1. MySMS

Setting up this app, MySMS, is simple. After installing, you only need to activate the app and create a password. There are various versions according to your needs, so visit the official website of the app and sign in with your password and phone number. What amazing about this app, is the ability to support MMS, your entire messaging history is also displayed on your computer screen plus offering a similar iMessage-like service to its users.

Browser Texting

Make sure after installing this app on your android phone, you have also installed chrome extension or Firefox add-on on your computer. On the top-right corner on your browser, click on the created icon as well as on the “Scan QR-code” button that appears on the smartphone app. Barcode scanning app is necessary for this step. Make sure that your phone’s camera is pointing to the code on your browser.

The incredible thing about this application is its user friendly interface, which has tabs for active conversations and makes text messages to look like IMs. The icon that appears even shows the unread messages in your android phone.

2. MightyText

Installing MightyText is an easy process. After installation, choose the Google account you would like to use and click the “complete setup” button. Similar to Browser texting app, install the app in Google Chrome and tap on the created icon, then log in using your earlier created Google account.

Installing web app beta on the MightyText will make it more users friendly. It supports MMS thus you can attach photos from your computer, message search, group messaging, and compatibility for other browsers apart from chrome. In addition, this app apart from enabling you to read messages online, it can also alert you in case of incoming calls.

The app is simple to uninstall from your Google account in case you don’t like using it anymore. By going to the Google security settings you can revoke its accessibility thus cutting off its existence.

3. Cell Phone Spy App

 Cell Phone Spy programs can be uses with Android phones or any smart phone. These apps will allow you to read not only your own text messages but someone else`s text messages as well. You install the app on the wanted phone and you can read all text messages, see gps location, see all pictures and even url visited when logging in to your online account. For monitoring kids and employees only.

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These Android applications are getting popular day by day because of the convenience they offer to the users. Therefore, this is a chance to try advancing yourself technologically by trying one of these apps and be able to read text messages online with android phone.

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