Read Text Messages Online with T-mobile

Read Text Messages Online with T-mobileDo you want to find out how to read text messages online with T-mobile? Is it even possible to read texts with this cell phone operator?

At this time T-mobile does not offer a service to read text messages online but wait there are other programs that will be able to help you with this.

One of the reasons why operators will not store text messages is to protect your privacy another reason is the memory and space that all these text messages would take.

Think about it, how many texts do you send and receive daily? To store them and let you access them would be a huge cost for the operator. The only operator that I have seen do this is Verizon; they will store your texts for a few days if the messages is send within the Verizon network.


If T-mobile does Not Store My Messages Who Will?

Nobody will store your messages for you unless you sign up for an app or program that will do this for you.

Unless you are an iPhone user… iTunes actually work as a backup. So every time you sync your iPhone with iTunes there will be a backup and the phone data will be stored at iTunes. To retrieve the messages though you will need a data recovery program. This is not the best way to read text messages online on a daily basis, there are much easier ways to do it.


Ways to Read Text Messages Online

Read your own texts online – if you are a smartphone user using iPhone, Android or a Windows Phone then using an app like MySMS will allow you to text and read your messages from any of your devices. It will work with your computer, tablet or notebook. Installing this app will make it easy to access your messages at all times.


Read somebody else`s texts online – if you would want to read somebody else`s texts then there is help to do that as well. There are cell phone spy programs that will help you record text messages and let you access them from an online account. You can even see texts that have been deleted. You must notify users that they are being monitored.

Read our full cell phone spy review here.


How to Check Current Text Message Usage Online

To check your text message usage from your phone with T-mobile you dial #MSG# and then send. This can all be done online as well, you log into your account at  under Manage you can select Account Usage and there you will find text messages usage info.

Sorry to disappoint you when it comes to how to read text messages online with T-mobile, good thing there are other solutions available for you.


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