Spy on Text Messages – The Old Way and The New Way

spy on text messages
Find Out The Truth, Spy on Text Messages!

Do you want to spy on text messages? Is there somebody in your life that you feel is hiding something from you and you want to find out what it is?


This could be a child that you suspect getting in trouble or doing things he`s not suppose to, reading his texts might clarify a few things for you. It could also be an employee that you want to make sure isn`t leaking important company information by getting access to the phone data you can make sure your company info is safe.


This can be done the old fashion way or the new ”techie” way. We will talk about both so that you can make a decision which option will work best for you.



The Old Fashion Way


This would be to try and get a glimps of the phone screen either when the person is going through the phone or when it`s laying on the table unmonitered for a few minutes.


The problem with doing it this way is that you might have to access the phone over and over again to be able to actually get some information. Messages and other data get deleted so you have to access it in the right time.


Today with the technology we have there is a much easier way to spy on texts.



The New ”Techie” Way


If you want to spy on a smart phone the easiest way to this is to install a spyware that will record all the information for you. You install the spyware ones, it will send the recorded data to an online account where you can access it all.


This is some of the data that you can get access to:


  • Text messages send and revived
  • Deleted text messages
  • Pictures send and received
  • GPS location
  • Social media


If the person you want to monitor is up to something this spyware will probably reveal the truth for you.

What Spyware to Use?

There are many spywares to chose between one of the best ones we have found is mSpy. Read our review to see if this spyware is for you or not.


Click Here for Spyware Reviews



For Kids and Employees only

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