Who Is My Husband Texting?

who is texting my husbandHave your husband been protective of his phone lately to the extent that you ask yourself who is my husband texting.

First I want to say this can be tough to go through suspecting your husband of being upto no good. There are ways to find out the truth, find out whom he is comunicating with and that is what we will be talking about in this article.

Ask him – who are you texting with. This is not always easy the reason why you are wondering who he is texting is probably because he walks away when he reply to a message or he is very secretive about it and will not tell you.

Now the question is if you have a phone number whom he has been comunicating with. Below we will talk about what to do if you do have a number but also what to do if you don`t.

Do You Have a Phone Number That He Is Texting With?

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What To Do If You Do NOT Have a Phone Number

1. If you do not have a phone number you can find one by going through the records, look through the online account or the phone bill. You can ask your phone operator to get the numbers specified.

2. This is not always posible another alternative to find out not only the number but the actual text message is to install an app. This app will not only show you the actual text messages but also pictures, GPS locations, urls that he is visiting and lots more. Update – for kids and employee monitoring only.


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What To Do If You Have a Phone Number

If you do have a phone number that your husband is communicating with but are wondering whom this phone number belongs to there are a few different ways to find this out.

1. Check the white pages, reverse phone. I just checked my own and I have no block on it what so ever but it will not show up. So not sure this is the best option.

2. Check the internet – just typed in my own number and nothing will show up, again I have no block on my number.

3. The one I had best luck with was a Phone Reverse Lookup. This will give you not only the name but a whole record. If you do have a phone number and you use this service you will find out who your husband is sending text messages to.

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Why Do You Want to Know Who He Is Texting?

Maybe when you ask his answer is ”oh it`s just my sister”. Or everytime the signal for text message goes of he smiles and leave the room leaving you with a gut feeling that something is not right.

I don`t blame you for wanting to find out the truth, the question is are you ready for the truth? If you do find out who your husband is texting with are you ready for it… It might just be his sister… or it might not…

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know why you want to find out who your husband is texting with. There are ways to find out the answer to ”who is my husband texting”.

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  1. Joy Laung says

    I am sure that my husband is cheating on me, I always hidden his cell phone when he’s home. I would like to know the numbers he is calling, texting to, but its does not shows on the phone bill. Its shown only 6000+ min. on phone bill. Please I do need help! I don’t want my married will be end up like this.

  2. LK says

    Im sorry as well, I know the torment. I cant sleep, eat, I vomit a lot, Im anxious always, cant concentrate on anything…..he has told me he no longer loves me, an wishes I would leave….I am 61, I am confused an hurt an only have an expected amt of time to live. U would think he could wait til then. My husband IS seeing another woman, he does not deny it any longer, I have heard it thru the grapevine -so to speak. I just dont know yet who it is or to what extent it has evolved….Flirting stage at this point I think but I know him, he is a fast persuer. I know he is buying her things, he will hide his phone now an always has it on vibrate….He hides his bank statements an has his savings in his name along with 2 of his children in a previous marriage.Mine is not on either of his accts….

    • Anna Vince says

      I am so sorry you have to go through all this. I really feel for you and no one should have to be treated that way.
      It sounds like you are sure that he`s seeing somebody else. Does it matter to you who it is? Take care of yourself, focus on your own happiness and well being. I wish you all the best of luck!

  3. Brttbrtt More says

    Do I have to put this app on my spouses phone in order to monitor his text if so I cant he has a block on his phone I can’t get in there plus I don’t want him to know what I am doing

  4. Brttbrtt More says

    I have caught him cheating twice the second time he might of got her pregnant but we dont know yet she is due February 6th 2014 he say that he is not talking or texting her but I don’t believe it I really don’t want my marriage to be over but I need to know if he is still sneaking around

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