Who Is My Wife Texting?

my wife is textingAre you asking yourself the question, who is my wife texting? Is she being very secretive with her phone keeping it close at all times? Is she walking away when she sends a text or even when she reads the ones she receive? Does she light up when she gets a text message but does not really want to tell whom it is from?

Well I am sure you have a lot of questions on your mind trying to figure out who she is communicating with.

The first thing you should try to do is talk to your wife. Ask her what she is up to and whom she is texting with. You might have tried this already and got an answer that you are not very happy with.

So is there a way to find out who she is texting with? There sure is, there are two ways you can go about this depending on if you have a phone number or not.

Do You Have a Phone Number That She Is Texting With?

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  1. You Have a Phone Number That Your Wife Is Texting With.
  2. You Have No Number and No Idea Who She Is Communicating With.

Who Is My Wife Texting?

How to Find Out Whom a Phone Number Belongs To

If you do have a phone number then it is easy to find out who that belongs to. Maybe you found a note with the number on it or maybe you got a glance at the phone…

The first thing you should do is type in the number in Google. If you don`t get any info that way try the white pages reverse phone to see if you can get a name. Usually there is not much showing up with these two methods. I just did a search for my own number and nothing shows, I have no block on my number so I am not sure why it wouldn`t show… 

That shows though that it is pretty tricky to get any kind of info through the white pages or the search engines. What you need is a phone reverse lookup service.

With these phone reverse lookup services you can get lots of information, you get a name, address and other useful info. We have done a review of 3 phone reverse lookup services.

Click Here for Review of Phone Reverse Lookup Services. 


What to Do Without a Phone Number

What can you do if you have no phone number, no information what so ever about your wife`s texting partner?

The first thing to do is check your records like phone bill or online accounts. If both your names are on these documents you can access the numbers easily.  When you have the number use one of the phone reverse lookup services.

If this is not an option and you talked to her without any result there is another solution.

What if there was a phone app that could tell you the actual text message that your wife is sending and receiving would that be helpful? If the app could show you pictures send and received, who the text messages is from, the phone GPS location and websites visited would that be helpful?

I am sure it would and there are many different monitoring sofwares to chose from. We have done an in depth review of these programs and you can read the full reviews right here:

Click Here for our Cell Phone Spy Reviews

Wondering “who is my wife texting” can be tough hopefully you found this article helpful.


Update – monitoring software is for kids and employees only


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  1. luis says

    how can i find out if my wife is cheating
    how i going to installed this ad on her cell if she always got her cell with her?

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